Disaster Management

Gautam Buddha Mahila Seva Sansthan play and important role in disaster response, mitigation, disaster reduction and recuse, coordination indifferent regions.

•Weresponse focused on emergency food relief, temporary shelter, emergency medical aid, debris removal and habitat restoration, trauma counseling, and raising families.

• The shift is from a relief centric approach to a multi- dimensional endeavor involving diverse scientific, engineering financial and social processes to adopt a multi-disciplinary and multi-sectoral approach.

• Provides support like health, education, water supply and sanitation, shelter and infrastructure,Weare active in responding to various disasters in different phases.

• In the pre – disaster phase should include awareness generation, education, training, and formation of village level Task Force. Disaster Management Committees and Teams, development of Disaster Management Plans, conduct of mock drills, vulnerability assessment and coordination with Government and non-government agencies.

• Play a key role in the immediate aftermath of disasters by extending assistance in rescue and first aid, sanitation and hygiene, damage assessment and assistance to external agencies bringing relief materials.

• During the post disaster phase,Wetake a lead by providing technical and material support for safe construction, revival of educational institutions and restoration of means of livelihood and assist the government in monitoring the pace of implementation for various reconstruction and recovery programme.

• Restoration of livelihood, food security and nutrition, environment, etc...

These are our Main role in Disaster Management.Support us or you can contact us.

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Created Dec 19, 2019 Aurangabad, Bihar